One of the first step to building a river tables is mixing and pouring the epoxy. Epoxy starts as a clear liquid but can be dyed to any color you imagaine. After the epoxy is poured it will take four to five days to harden, then it is on to the next step.
After the epoxy is cured the top then goes to our JointWood slab flatten machine. This machine cleans up and flattems the slab to final thickness. Our machine is capible of flattening up tops up to 15' long and 70" wide.
When dealing with smaller stock the process starts with the jointer. A jointer is used to flatten then squareing up one edge to the face of the wood. After using the jointer the board is taken to the planer to flatten the other face and get the correct thickness.
When recieving our slabs from Costa Rica they are delevered in a sea container. The container is packed to the top full of unique one of a kind slabs. Costa Rica is home to large trees that can range to 80" diameter in width. Each tree from costa rica is classified as dead before being able to get sliced into slabs.
Every table we build is castom made to fit the style and size you desire. This means we can use many differeent teciques to get the look you are interested in. That could include burning the wood to get a cool charcoal look.