About Timber Ridge Table Company

There is an old saying that if you do what you love, you never have to work another day in your life. For Dustin, this holds true - heading into the shop each day with a smile on his face, passion in his heart, and his two dog assistants. With the woodworking life choosing him, Dustin has become a respected custom woodworker, one who values hard work, uses only the best wood from Costa Rica, and of course, gives his customers the confidence that their visions are in the hands of someone who values quality just as much as they do. 

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and raised in Mount Airy, Maryland as the youngest of four brothers, Dustin is one who developed a strong work ethic early on in life. Part of that stems from his natural ambition to be better than yesterday and part from learning the art of perseverance and sportsmanship from competing with his brothers via sports. In fact, Dustin played football all through high school. Coming full circle upon discovering his love for woodworking during this time, it became the catalyst for Dustin to launch Timber Ridge Table Company in 2020 at the young age of 18. 

Fast forward to today, Timber Ridge Table Company has catapulted from a startup into now a custom exotic wood company that produces 10+ high-quality custom pieces a month. From high-quality hard wax oils to luxury-level imported wood both domestically and from Costa Rica, Dustin is exceptionally devoted to creating custom pieces that others can be proud to call their own. But also being a friend to everyone, what truly ties this all together for him is the amazing long-term relationships he gets to form with others along the way. 

From first consultation to the final reveal, nothing makes Dustin happier than delivering his customers the quality results they envisioned. Even more, proving just how positive, exciting, and downright timeless custom woodworking can be. Overall, Dustin has a genuine passion for woodworking and demonstrates that through his work ethic, uplifting ambiance, and willingness to take on any project both large and small. This, along with his reputation for treating every customer's woodworking project as if it were his own, is what can give you the assurance that your own experiences alongside Dustin will be nothing shy of successful…along with a perfect custom product and friendly dog greetings to prove it. 

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