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They say home is where the heart is, and we believe your home has a natural gathering space — the dining room. Your friends and family come together to eat, laugh, and share stories in this space. Nothing brings people together like a great meal, and the quality of your dining table can enhance the times you share great food with your loved ones. 

Wood dining tables are the most stylish and versatile options for your dining room. They’re perfect for any home, decor theme, and preferred table size. Learn more about wood dining table designs and how to properly care for them. 

9 Stunning Wood Dining Table Styles for Your Home

Nothing brings your space together like a gorgeous dining table. You might be surprised to learn about the number of wood dining table styles you can choose. From industrial-style dining tables to other modern dining table designs, you can get almost anything you want for your home. These different dining table styles will make every meal in your home a luxurious and comfortable experience. 

1. Traditional Wood Dining Tables 

Traditional wood is one of the most popular options for dining room tables. As the name suggests, this style has existed for hundreds of years. While these dining tables may vary, the overall style is the same. 

Traditional wood dining tables are rectangular with four legs, one on each corner. The legs of the table often have intricate designs and carved, round shapes. This fine detail was the mark of exceptional craftsmanship during the last century. 

This dining table design is solid wood. That means every part of the table, including the legs, is composed of high-quality timber. The type of wood you select will impact the aesthetic of your dining room. 

Some of the most popular traditional wood types of dining tables include:

  • Oak - Medium-light with visible grain patterns
  • Cherry - Dark, warm red hues that exude sophistication
  • Maple - Light with orange hues and a uniform grain pattern
  • Walnut - Rich dark brown with complex grain patterns
  • Cedar - Cool brown tones that are good for long-term use

The type of wood you select for your dining room table will rely on your dining room's color palette, theme, and table usage. For example, cedarwood is your best option if you plan to keep your dining table for decades. Maple is suitable for casual use and antique-style dining room designs. 

You have lots of options when it comes to traditional wood dining tables. Consider how you will use your dining space before selecting your favorite wood type. 

2. Bold Epoxy Dining Tables

Our wide selection of epoxy tables is mind-blowingly gorgeous and perfect for family use. The resin finish on these bold tables makes the wood shine and sparkle in the light. 

While it adds a gorgeous aesthetic to your dining room, epoxy protects against chipping, staining, scratching, and other wear and tear. That makes it an excellent choice for family homes or heavy-duty table usage.  

One of the unique advantages of selecting an epoxy dining table is that you can customize its design. Resin is used in many artistic projects, and epoxy tables are no different. You can choose the best patterns and colors for your dining room theme. 

Our custom-ordering process ensures that your bold epoxy dining table will turn out exactly as you hope. We match your specifications and highlight the natural beauty of our wood. Choose from our custom bold epoxy dining tables if you want a beautiful piece resistant to scratches, spills, and other damage. 

3. Sleek Live-Edge Dining Tables

Live-edge tables are among the trending dining tables available today. By blending traditional aesthetics with modernity, our live-edge tables add plenty of character to your dining room. 

Live-edge tables are raw slabs of wood, which means the edges aren’t shaped or uniform in any way. This unique and quirky appearance makes your dining table the centerpiece of the room in the best way. 

The surface of your live-edge table is smoothed to perfection. It’s the corners and edges that are irregular, and that makes them all the more desirable. Our sleek, live-edge dining tables are perfect for rustic, antique, or character-filled dining rooms. 

Since there’s far less uniformity to live-edge tables, they can be more sustainably sourced. When you purchase one of these beautiful dining room pieces, you’re supporting nature’s health in a meaningful way. 

4. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Tables

Farmhouse dining tables are incredibly modern and rustic all at once. Sounds interesting, right? These trendy, versatile tables add charm and just the right amount of vintage appeal to your dining room. They were traditionally made for large families living on farms, so their sturdiness is unmatched. 

A few different elements characterize farmhouse-style tables. Chunky, thick wood comprises the tops of these tables. However, the types of dining table bases can vary. You can find almost any color and style of base to match a chunky farmhouse tabletop. The legs are solid and sturdy, offering a rustic but modern look. 

Most modern farmhouse dining tables, like pine or oak, are made from light-colored wood. However, the general style of the table doesn’t rely on any specific wood type. You can get a farmhouse-style dining table made from any timber — even reclaimed wood!

5. Mid-Century Modern Dining Tables

In the mid-20th century, a new design style emerged, and we now know it as “mid-century modern.” It was a celebrated period in which many homes transitioned from cramped, overly detailed designs to uncluttered and open concepts. As a result, you can expect mid-century modern tables to be functional, smooth, and pleasing to look at. 

Mid-century modern tables are known for their angled legs. While the exact style can vary, this type of table has legs that flare outward and are often tapered in size. The tabletop may be any material, but wood is the most popular choice. 

Round tabletops are a cornerstone of mid-century modern designs. However, you can also opt for a rectangular tabletop and allow the angled legs to be the focal point. You can adopt a soothing aesthetic for your dining room by choosing a mid-century modern table. 

6. Contemporary Dining Tables

If you want to know more about contemporary wood dining tables, think of the opposite of traditional tables. Rather than being embellished with lots of detail and decoration, modern tables are minimalist. They have sharper angles, cleaner lines, and a more sleek appearance. 

Contemporary wooden dining tables are full of right angles. Rather than tapered or flared legs, each leg will be attached to the corner at a right angle. The same is true for the edges and bases of these tables. 

Contemporary styles are constantly changing, which is where our custom tables come in handy. You can order the newest trending dining tables to keep your dining room contemporary and modern. 

7. Scandinavian-Style Dining Tables

For this style of dining table, a simple design creates a calming, modern atmosphere. Scandinavian-style dining tables have been popular for decades. This trending interior design scheme incorporates lightly-colored wood, minimalism, and smooth lines. Curves can accentuate some parts of Scandinavian-style tables, while other parts are sharp and sleek. 

Like contemporary dining tables, Scandinavian-style tables focus on functionality and sleek aesthetics. The light and airy color palette allows for a versatile addition to your dining room, regardless of your design theme. Scandinavian dining tables work well in open-concept rooms with neutral interior design. 

Neutrals are your best friend when decorating alongside a Scandinavian-style dining table. Those with minimalist homes consider getting this type of dining table a no-brainer. 

8. Trestle Dining Tables

Trestle tables go back hundreds of years. During the Middle Ages, many pieces of furniture were crafted using this supportive, sturdy design. These tables are characterized by horizontal supports that connect the two ends of the table. The tabletop wood slab goes on top of the trestle supports. 

Those who want a classic and timeless dining room aesthetic will love trestle tables. This style combines straight edges with angled and tapered bottoms and has several unique elements. Solid wood trestle dining tables last for many years and remain quite sturdy. Families with children who want a classic, elegant look should consider this wood dining table style. 

9. Industrial Dining Tables

Industrial furniture is becoming popular in the modern “rough-around-the-edges” aesthetic. The overarching theme in industrial furniture is “exposed.” Rather than having perfect polishes and smooth finishes, industrial-style tables opt for character and function. 

Wood industrial-style dining tables often have black bases and legs. The black complements the wood by introducing the themes of workmanship and industry. Many workbenches are set up this way. As a result, your dining table will look functional and useful rather than picture-perfect. 

These tables go well with industrial-style decor and simple modern details. Typical colors in this theme include black, red, steel-silver, and gray. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t need everything to look sleek and polished in your dining room, opt for an industrial-style dining table. 

Maintaining and Caring for Wood Dining Tables

There are many different types of dining tables, and wood tables require special care and maintenance. No matter which of the wood dining table styles you choose, you’ll need to remember these points during the cleaning process. 

Tips for caring for your wooden dining table:

  • Keep your table out of direct sunlight
  • Polish your table at least twice per year
  • Use coasters for drinks
  • Use placemats during meals
  • Keep your tabletop dust-free
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface
  • Only use mild soap for cleaning
  • Do not scratch the surface with metal
  • Fill in any chips, cracks, or scratches in the finish
  • Keep your table away from direct heat
  • Avoid very low or high humidity levels
  • Dry any liquid spills immediately
  • Use a table cover when it’s not in use
  • Keep paint, markers, and other art supplies away from the table

These tips and tricks will help maintain the longevity of your table. After all, you’ve chosen an exquisite piece for your dining room and want it to last!

Elevate Your Home With Timber Ridge Table Company

A dining table serves as the heart of a home, uniting family and friends over shared meals. It fosters conversation, strengthens bonds, and creates cherished memories. Gathering around it encourages meaningful connections, laughter, and a sense of belonging, making it an essential symbol of togetherness in any household.

At Timber Ridge Table Company, we combine stylishness and elegance with ethical sourcing and quality. Our high-end dining tables withstand the test of time and offer durability, sustainability, and aesthetic pleasantry. 

You get the best of all worlds when you order custom wood dining tables through us. We’ll create the perfect end product to satisfy your specifications without taking any shortcuts. Fill out our order form for custom dining table designs to get started today!

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