Bar Top Ideas: Top Design Inspiration

Ready to get inspired? These bar top ideas can bring style and sophistication to your home or business space. The best bar top designs should be durable and functional while creating visual appeal. Whether a homeowner or business owner, the following unique trends and ideas will help you transform your space through a new bar top design. 

5 Bar Top Ideas 

Your bar is likely the focal point of your kitchen, business, or tricked-out basement. Why not choose a style that reflects your lifestyle? Here are some of today’s hottest bar countertop trends. Whether you prefer elegant or ruggedly simple, these ideas can help you create the kitchen or bar you’ve always dreamed of owning. 

1. Choose a Live Wood Slab

Sometimes, the best bar top ideas come from Mother Nature. In a live wood slab (sometimes called “live edge” design), designers create a table out of wood but leave the edge of the woodwork untouched. The table's perimeter retains the wood's original properties, including the shape of the original tree. The result is a table as unique as nature itself.

Live wood slabs are an excellent option for those pursuing a rustic aesthetic. Their one-of-a-kind nature makes them unique bar top ideas for outdoorsmen and craft beer enthusiasts. But the simplicity of the countertop makes live wood slabs surprisingly versatile, capable of complementing a variety of dining and entertaining spaces. 

2. Opt for Durable Epoxy

Epoxy resins can make for exquisite bar top decor ideas. This durable polymer provides an added layer of protection to the material it’s applied to, including wood. Resins are often clear, come in various color combinations, and feature unique patterns. The result is a table or bar top that’s as fashionable as it is durable. 

Because the aesthetics of epoxy tables vary, owners may find it easy to match the bar top surface with the room they place it in. Many business owners love epoxy tables because the durable resin is easy to clean and preserves the bar top's life for a long time.

3. Add a Pop of Color

Many of the best bar top design ideas involve adding just a pop of color to the piece. When using wooden bar tops, users might start by selecting the right type of wood for their aesthetic choice (cherry, for instance, has a redder hue than other materials). But color can also be introduced using the suitable staining or epoxy type to alter the table’s surface.

Accessories are another way to incorporate color into the finished product. Adding colorful accents to the table’s perimeter or a bar top ensign can also help you tie to the other aesthetics of your space. Even the fittings that hold the top together (or upright) can add a subtle hint of color. 

4. Light It Up With LED Strips 

LED strips can add a playful touch to your bar top. You can install LED accents under the lip of the counter, giving the bar a radiant glow. Alternatively, you can install light strips near the kick plate of the bar for a sleek, modern look.

Decorative lighting can be another way to add color to your bar top setup. White LED lights can create a natural, classy look to any space. But colored lights can enhance the ambiance of your bar area and tie together the other decorative and color elements in your room.

5. Mix Styles With Wood and Metal 

Wooden bar tops will always be a classic design choice, but you can enhance the style of your counters and tables by blending materials such as wood and metal. For example, using sleek black metal for your table’s fasteners, legs, or other structural elements can give your bar area a trendy, industrial feel. 

You can also use this hardware to accessorize your bar top. Metal trim around the perimeter of the surface gives it added durability and produces an eye-popping contrast between the cool metallic tones and the wood’s natural luster.

What to Look For in a Bar Top Design

When considering bar countertop ideas, you’ll need to think about how it will fit into the room's aesthetics. That is true whether you’re installing the bar top in your home or your place of business. The following are some key bar top ideas to consider when integrating a bar into your space.


You want your bar to make a good impression. That’s especially true if you’re a business owner. The materials and accessories you use to create your bar top or table should reflect your sense of style or brand identity. 

Think carefully about choices such as color, accessories, and even the best bar top for your style and space. As more people embrace the trend of the home bar, you want to make sure you find an option that suits your personality and accentuates the style of your home. For example, if you are working with a modern minimalist space featuring only neutral colors, you don’t want to opt for a high-contrast piece with colored lighting. 


When browsing kitchen bar top ideas, you likely place a high value on the quality of the materials. Business owners will want a surface that stands up to many customers, and homeowners also want something that will endure the wear and tear of entertaining guests. 

Choose the materials and resins appropriately so your bar area retains its eye-catching appeal for years to come. If you expect your bar area to be a particularly high-traffic environment, emphasize epoxy resins over other design choices for the most long-lasting bar surface.


Durability and style rise from the bar’s overall craftsmanship. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for such a central piece of furnishing. Choose a designer with a solid track record of quality design using natural wood. 

When shopping for a table or bar top, examine the table's features closely to get a better feel for the weight and quality of the finished product. Read reviews carefully to learn what other customers have to say about the company’s craftsmanship and product quality.

Stain Resistance

Your bar top is designed for functionality. Ideally, you will share many meals, drinks, and conversations around your bar. That’s why you need easy bar top ideas that protect against stains. A stain-resistant bar top will retain its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Epoxy resins offer outstanding stain protection and durability. You might consider this option if you expect your bar to receive heavy use. Epoxy will also enable you to introduce other design elements, such as color or designs.

Custom Bar Top Designs for Your Home or Business

Live wood bar tops are a stunning choice for a rustic and natural aesthetic. Incorporate tree slices, reclaimed logs, or live-edge slabs to create a unique, organic bar surface that showcases the wood's natural beauty while adding warmth and character to your space.

Your bar top makes an impression. Timber Ridge Table Company can help you make it a stunning one. Find more bar top ideas and custom bar tables on the Timber Ridge website, and say hello to the perfect design for your kitchen or pub space.

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