How Strong and Durable are Epoxy Tables? Everything You Need to Know.


Many business owners and homeowners choose epoxy table designs for aesthetic reasons. That’s because epoxy tables can be accented with unique hues and designs for added appeal. But are epoxy tables durable

After all, you want your bar area to make a good impression after years of drinks and conversation. The good news is that epoxy tables offer superior durability, stain resistance, and features that make them surprisingly versatile for your home or business space.

What Are Epoxy Tables?

An epoxy table has been coated with an epoxy resin. These resins are polymers that coat the table’s exterior, and you can use them on a variety of surfaces, including wood. Tables made with epoxy have a distinctive, glossy finish, but many people like to use colored epoxy resins to introduce colors or patterns in the finished wood surface. The result is an elegant design that may also feature unique aesthetic elements to match your kitchen or bar space.

Most importantly, are epoxy tables durable? Yes. Epoxy resins offer scratch, heat, and water-resistant properties. That makes these tables suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. And business and homeowners will appreciate how well an epoxy table can withstand the test of time.

Are Epoxy Tables Durable?

An epoxy table finish is extremely long-lasting, especially if you use a quality epoxy product. Just how durable is epoxy resin? According to one manufacturer, a table treated with epoxy can last five years, after which you can reapply the resin to extend the lifespan of the table or bar surface. 

Epoxy-treated tables are so durable because the resin contains unique properties that add to its strength. Let’s explore the qualities of epoxy resin and how they enhance the durability of the surface to which they are applied.

Compressive Strength

Epoxy tables have surprising compressive strength, which refers to the ability of a particular material to bear weight. Just how strong is epoxy resin table coating? An epoxy coating wood table can handle roughly 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi), though some manufacturers can create tables that are even stronger. 

For comparison, concrete has a compressive strength of 3,000 psi, showing that epoxy resin tables offer considerable fortitude. This strength can prove to be a must-have for business owners who expect high customer volume, though the compressive strength also adds to the item’s overall durability and lifespan.

Bond Strength

The unique chemical properties of epoxy resin give it considerable bond strength. This means that the epoxy resin will bond with the wood (or other material) with extraordinary firmness. In fact, depending on the type of epoxy, the bond strength can be even stronger than the wood itself.

Both bond and compressive strength contribute to your bar table’s overall durability. The epoxy’s bond will ensure that your bar tables and countertops remain in pristine condition even after repeated use. Bond strength can vary depending on the type of resin used, so ask the manufacturer about the epoxy process for a clearer understanding of the table’s overall durability.

Heat Resistance

The chemical polymers that you’ll find in an epoxy resin finish have a natural heat resistance, which now extends to the tables and countertops that receive these applications. After a table has been treated with epoxy, it can withstand temperatures of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or more, with some specialty epoxies conveying still higher levels of heat resistance.

While most homeowners and business owners won’t be setting pots and pans on the table or bar surface, this heat resistance is excellent for plates of food and hot beverages. While a coaster gives added protection, you and your guests can set drinks down on the bar table’s surface without fear of warping or other lasting heat damage.

Scratch Resistance

Epoxy resins offer superior scratch resistance. This means that over time, an epoxy table will show less wear and tear than tables that have not been treated. As a result, your bar tables and surfaces will retain their aesthetic qualities for longer. 

Home and bar owners shouldn’t use the table as a substitute for a cutting board. However, the epoxy will still add a layer of protection that you won’t find in most other table materials, all without obscuring the natural beauty of the wooden table surface.

Depending on the type of epoxy, table owners may be able to complete minor scratch repair — though always check with the manufacturer to determine your best course of action. But even this maintenance will be relatively minor, given the epoxy’s resistance to scratches or surface marks.

Stain Resistance

Tables treated with epoxy resin will also resist stains. That may be particularly good news for business owners whose bar and table tops receive repeated use. But strong stain resistance also allows for both indoor and outdoor use. 

An epoxy resin outdoor table will resist stains from the environment, and its surface can be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water or a common household cleaner to eliminate stuck-on dirt. These features will make it easier to maintain your table and keep your furnishings looking good throughout their lifespan.

How to Care for Your Epoxy Table

So are epoxy tables durable? Absolutely. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t require some maintenance. Here are a few routine steps you should take to care for your epoxy-treated table:  

  • Clean the surface regularly with soap and water
  • Use spray cleaner (e.g., glass cleaner) for a streak-free surface
  • Get rid of stubborn stains with a mixture of vinegar and water
  • Dry the table after cleaning
  • Avoid direct contact with heat or direct sunlight
  • Prevent scratches by not cleaning with anything more abrasive than a sponge
  • Use a cutting board to prevent scratches on the table surface
  • Use placemats to protect the table from spills or stains
  • Polish the table with mineral oil and buff it with a dry towel

When in doubt, you may be able to contact the manufacturer to learn additional tips on the best way to clean and care for the table. They may even be able to recommend types and brands of furniture polish that are best suited for your epoxy resin table.

Get Stunning Custom Epoxy Tables for Your Home or Business

Epoxy tables offer superior durability, quality, and value. Additionally, it will look great in your home or business space and come in a variety of styles and designs. 

The glossy surface is both attractive and hard-working, protecting against scratching, stains, and spills. They are easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

Timber Ridge Table Company specializes in producing custom epoxy tables for home or business. Crafted from exotic wood, we design tables to showcase the dazzling beauty of natural elements through our passion for wood-working. Contact us today to see how a new stunning custom table can transform your space.

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