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Find the perfect showpiece for your dining room or office.

Starting at $3,500.

Discover a unique table that is both durable and easy to maintain.

Unique table ... check.
Live edge table ... check.
Durable... check.
100% USA Made... check.

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Live Edge Custom Tables

This unique design style has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to its original look, natural beauty, and sustainable sourcing and production.

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Epoxy Tables

Durability, superior quality, attractive design, and incredible value are the four most desirable qualities in furniture for just about anyone looking to complete their home.

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Custom Dining Tables

Discover custom dining tables as unique as you and your home, where finding the perfect blend of size, style, quality, and cost goes beyond the ordinary furniture store experience.

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Conference Tables

Make a memorable and distinctive impact on clients with a custom live edge or epoxy conference table, uniquely crafted to enhance your workspace.

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Let's get started on your custom table

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Fill out the inquiry form to tell us about your dream table.

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Dustin will call you or set up a time to discuss you dream table.

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Collaborate 1:1 with Dustin to create your perfect table.

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Live Edge Table

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Epoxy Table

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Looking for a custom live edge dining table near you?

Contact Dustin to discuss your Dream table.

100% US Made in Ijamsville, Maryland.  Just one hour north west of Washington DC and 45 mins. from Gettysburg.


tell us about your dream table

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